Coffee is Life



Inhale…..exhale…. ahhhhh….

No I’m not doing meditation. I’m enjoying the aroma of my morning coffee. How do I love thee…let me count the ways…

I DO love my coffee. It’s not just the caffeine boost (athough that is much needed on some days). It’s the taste, the smell, the feel of a warm stoneware cup in my hand, the signal that my day is beginning. Ahhh, coffee is life!

Yes… I’m a coffee snob. I want bold, dark roast, fresh coffee. Black. Maybe a splash of cinnamon. On a special day I might add Bailey’s, a touch of sugar, and some whipped cream. I might even chase it with a cube of dark chocolate occasionally. But 90% of the time, I like it straight.

I think way back when I started drinking coffee I was concerned that if I started putting sugar and cream and other stuff in it that it would add too many calories and I’d get used to having it that way. Then Starbucks came along and I was very happy I was a black coffee drinker…it’s expensive enough as it is (which is why it’s my “once a week treat” to myself). Glad I don’t get frappes and such.

And when I decide to indulge in a sweet treat, like tiramisu or coconut cream pie (drool), there is NOTHING like black coffee alongside it… Fresh black coffee (dear waitress…don’t bring me that stuff you made 4 hours ago. Seriously. I’m worth a fresh brew).

Recently I heard Travis Meadows, a fantastic singer-songwriter, perform his song called “Black.” It’s about his grandpa who told him that real men drink their coffee black. I don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment but I do agree black coffee is awesome.

And the song is really not about the coffee, anyway. Take a listen…Black

Coffee is life…it’s one thing that brings us together. And we could certainly use a little more of that. Sugar and cream optional.