Is Sleep Really Necessary?

I’m an early riser.   Yes, I  am one of the weird ones who LOVE mornings. Most of the time. But a bad night’s sleep can really kill my morning cheer.   Is there a reason behind that or am I just being a grump?   Truth is, we NEED sleep. We spend about a […]


Bright Pink Spotlight

Wow…there are SO many great songs out by women right now. I just wanna shine a bright pink spotlight on ALL of them! If I enjoy this half as much as I think I will I may do a whole series (oh yeah…I hope you like it too!) Right now I’m obsessed with Ingrid Andress’ […]


Vertical Stripes and V-Necks again? Please…

Spring is coming. You know what that means…we get to hear about “fashion rules” again.   I was watching a tv show (which shall remain nameless) a while back and one segment was on fashion for women. You know… what’s styles and colors are trendy, etc. Why is it when someone discusses fashion for women […]


Grandpa’s Piano

  I love this old out-of-tune piano…. I fell in love with it when I was little. I’d go to Grandma and Grandpa Cunningham’s house and listen to Grandpa play. He was self-taught and couldn’t play anything fancy but that didn’t matter. He would play and sing little ditties he had picked up over the […]


Coffee is Life

    Inhale…..exhale…. ahhhhh…. No I’m not doing meditation. I’m enjoying the aroma of my morning coffee. How do I love thee…let me count the ways… I DO love my coffee. It’s not just the caffeine boost (athough that is much needed on some days). It’s the taste, the smell, the feel of a warm […]


Carole King is Queen

  You’ve Got a Friend….A Natural Woman…Will You Love Me Tomorrow…The Loco-Motion… These songs are a big part of the soundtrack of my childhood. And they were written (or co-written) by Carole King. I was a little girl when the “Tapestry” album came out…what a HUGE record it was and still IS. Not only was […]


New Website!

New Website! December 16, 2019   With the release of my new CD, “Superwoman Blues,” I finally decided to get a new website! I love the look of it and hope you do too. Can’t wait to connect with you.            


Nashville Writing and Performing

Nashville Writing and Performing December 2-5, 2019   How cool it was to get to write with a couple of my favorite writers, Pete Garfinkel and Ron Oates! Pete and I wrote at the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) office which is housed in the historic building that once was The Music Mill, where Alabama […]